CMI 187

CMI® Blockfix 187

CMI® Blockfix 187 S-1032.5C is a water-resistant, cement-based thin-bed adhesive specially formulated for jointing/ bonding of AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) or ALC (aerated lightweight concrete) blocks, panels and lintels. Its high adhesion and flexural strength ensure higher load carrying capacity thus minimizing the occurrence of cracking to walls or joint area in interior and exterior conditions.


• Block Jointing Adhesive for ALC and AAC blocks, suitable for both interior and exterior use.


  • Premixed with good and consistent quality.

  • User friendly, just need to mix with water and apply.

  • Pre-packed, complementing IBS construction to achieve good construction quality and less labour intensive.

  • High adhesion and fast setting, promoting speedier ALC / AAC block wall construction.

  • Durable and good weather resistance.

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